Vein SpecialistAs Sun City vein specialists, we often meet new patients who are so embarrassed by how varicose veins make their legs look that they keep their legs hidden by wearing long pants and dark stockings all the time. For a lot of these patients’ varicose veins are causing them so much discomfort that they can barely walk. They have swollen achy legs, are tired much of the time, and often tell us that they don’t exercise anymore because of their distress. Many have had to give up activities they once loved, such as playing sports or dancing and the ability to participate in public activities with their friends and family

When we ask these patients why they didn’t seek varicose vein treatment in Sun City sooner, before their symptoms became so distressing, the response is often, “I waited because I didn’t want to have cosmetic surgery.”

As doctors considered by many to be the best vein doctors in Sun City, we’ve written this article to educate our readers about this all-too-common misunderstanding. We want people to know that varicose veins are NOT “just a cosmetic problem”. What’s more, treatment by a qualified vascular expert is NOT what they think of as “cosmetic surgery.”

OK, varicose veins ARE unattractive, but they’re also a real problem

The widespread belief that varicose veins are “purely a cosmetic concern” and thus aren’t to be taken seriously is dangerously false. So is the belief that you can easily “live with them” just by keeping your legs covered and pretending that the ugly, swollen veins aren’t there.

Doctors rarely consider varicose veins medically dangerous in themselves. But the condition that causes them (chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI) is very much a real disease. It can impair your circulatory and immune systems. The swollen, discolored veins that you see on the surface of your skin are signs that your veins are not working properly beneath the surface. This affects many aspects of your overall health.

Left untreated, varicose veins DON’T go away, or “get better on their own.” They get worse. The first symptoms you’ll experience will likely be that your legs feel tired and weak all the time. Sometimes you feel like you can no longer stand or walk easily. Next, your legs and ankles can become painfully swollen, further reducing your mobility.

And all of these symptoms still aren’t the worst of the dangers posed by varicose veins. Left untreated, varicose veins impair your immune system, so that you are at a higher risk of developing more serious diseases.

Varicose vein damage is not just physical

Varicose veins not only erode your physical health. Trying to “live with them” also erodes your sense of self-confidence and well-being. People with varicose veins often tend to become isolated. They might avoid friends and family because they’re so concerned about their appearance. Some people might actually end up fighting depression.

So what should you do if you have varicose veins?

You should seek a consultation from the best vascular specialists in Sun City. The many advances made in medicine have made it possible for vein specialists to diagnose and determine the extent of vein disease in less than an hour.

They do this by performing a painless, non-invasive venous health screening that takes only about an hour. These exams can determine very quickly whether you have varicose veins and the condition that causes them – chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

If you do, the diseased veins can be eliminated in about the same length of time – less than an hour – using painless, minimally-invasive varicose vein treatment options. These procedures are so safe that they can be performed in the comfort of your local Sun City vein clinic. These procedures will improve your appearance, so in that sense they are “cosmetic.” Most varicose veins can be eliminated quickly and permanently, so you’ll feel better about how you look.

More important, however – and why we recommend these procedures – you will very quickly begin to feel better, because the underlying vein disease is no longer sapping your strength and causing you pain.

So how do I find out more about varicose vein removal (for health reasons or cosmetic reasons)?

It’s simple – just pick up your phone and call Comprehensive Integrated Care at 888-377-7122 and schedule an appointment with vascular specialists such as Dr. Jeff Braxton and Dr. David Lopresti. If you have vein disease, the doctor can explain the different treatment options to you, and help you to choose which ones are best for you.

But the most important “first step” is to make that phone call. Schedule that first appointment. After that you’ll be able to relax, because you’ll have the best vein doctors in Sun City working to improve your health and your appearance.

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