Christy Holmstrom, MSRS, RRA, RT(R) (VI), RPA

Christy Holmstrom, MSRS, RRA, RT(R) (VI), RPA

Interventional Radiology.

Christy Holmstrom is a registered radiologist assistant. Christy has been practicing interventional radiology for almost 18 years, with extensive clinical/procedural experience in Interventional Radiology.


Christy is also certified and registered as a Radiology Practitioner Assistant (RPA) and is an active member of professional organizations such as the Society of Radiology Physician Extenders (SRPE) and American Society of Radiologic Technologist (ASRT).


She holds board certification from the Certification board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants (CBRPA) and American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT).

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