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Exceptional and unyielding in our commitment to provide our patients with the best, most convenient, affordable and personalized care possible. 

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Discover how we can address your medical concerns, from prevention and diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

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A Caring and Comprehensive
Approach To Your Healthcare

Our mission at Comprehensive Integrated Care (CiC) is to provide our patients with the most advanced medical care available, delivered by skilled and compassionate
practitioners, in a non-intimidating environment.

Arterial Care

Our highly-skilled physicians use the latest interventional radiology techniques.  

Vein Care

Our state-of-the-art vein care treatments are aimed at improving your quality of life.

Cancer Care

Our facilities and doctors offer minimally invasive treatments for the management of cancer.

Women's Health

Treating issues of the female organs at any age like fibroids, pelvic congestion and cancer.

Cardiology Services

Our highly-skilled team provides a range of exceptional cardiovascular care and treatments.

Men's Health

Treating conditions that commonly affect men, like varicoceles and prostate artery embolization.

Podiatry Services

We diagnosis and treat conditions that affect the foot and ankle.

Diagnostic Services

Our specialized radiologists and facilities offer advanced ultrasound imaging.

Vein Disease Treatment AZ

Through Education, Prevention and Treatment We're Committed To Lowering These National Statistics



General Population Awareness of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)



Percentage of Men and Women Who Will Be Diagnosed with Cancer At Some Point During Their Lifetime



Projected Increase in the Medical Costs of Coronary Heart Disease Between 2013 and 2030



Men And Women Who Will Suffer From Some Kind Of Vein Problem During Their Lifetime

Real People, Real Results

Andy Sherman

Peripheral Arterial Disease


"I've been very pleased with my experience here.  The CIC staff really goes above and beyond."  Click to listen to his story.

Mildred Dodge

Peripheral Arterial Disease


"Other doctors wanted to have my toe cut off.  Dr. Lopresti said, 'No they're not.  We're going to take care of that.' And he did!" Click to listen to her story.

Elizabeth Welch

Lymphedema & Lipedema


"You immediately feel results, less tiredness in your legs, less pain, and you have that spring back in your step." Click to listen to her story.

John Brouillard

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)


They make you feel like an extended family.  I'll always refer these guys, they've been very exceptional." Click to listen to his story.

Patti Borchardt

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome


"It felt like a partnership.  I wasn't just in it myself and had to figure everything out.  Their staff was there to help me from start to finish." Click to listen to her story.


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