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Compression Fractures
of the Spine

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It seems to come from out of nowhere, a sudden sharp pain in your mid to lower back. Its intensity may increase when you are standing or walking and lessen when you are lying down. A compression fracture in the spine could be the cause. This type of fracture can happen from everyday activities like stepping off a curb, sneezing, lifting a heavy box, or taking a fall depending on how weak your bones are.
It may be a compression fracture if you:
● Are over 50 years old
● Have osteoporosis
● Notice increased pain while walking or standing
● Have lost height
● Are hunching over
● Have numbness, tingling or muscle weakness
● Notice decreased pain when laying on your back

If left untreated, a spinal fracture may limit how you move and cause a decline in the quality of your life. Common treatments include bed rest, physical therapy, a back brace, or pain medication. While these recommendations may offer some relief, they do not address what’s causing the pain.
There is a minimally invasive procedure, called kyphoplasty, which may help. With x-ray guidance and a tiny nick in the skin, our doctors insert a balloon to separate the vertebrae. They fill the space with medical-grade cement to strengthen and stabilize the bone. This helps relieve the pain. It is done in our office and patients leave with a band-aid and little to no pain.
If you or someone you know is living with this debilitating back pain, please call 480-374-7354 to see if kyphoplasty is right for you.

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