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What Kind of Specialist Treats Peripheral Artery Disease in Phoenix (PAD)?

So you just learned that you have peripheral artery disease, or PAD. You are not alone - one in every 20 Americans over age 50 has PAD. A common question patients ask is, “What kind of doctor is the best and most qualified to treat PAD?”

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Leading Phoenix Vein Specialists on Varicoceles: What They Are, What Causes Them, and When to See a Doctor

A varicocele is a type of varicose vein that affects only men. You've seen photos of varicose veins on the legs and how swollen they can become, right? Now imagine one or more of those swollen veins developing in the male testicles and scrotum. That's a varicocele.

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Vein Brochure
Vein Brochure

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