Top Phoenix Vein SpecialistsHow would you react if someone told you that they can radically improve your overall quality of life? What if they could eliminate the chronic pain and tiredness in your legs?

Sounds pretty unbelievable, doesn’t it?

If you have varicose veins and you’ve been trying to “live with them” for some time, that’s exactly what several of the top Phoenix vein specialists like Dr. Karen Garby, Dr. Jeff Braxton and Dr. Hassan Makki, at Comprehensive Integrated Care can do with a comprehensive treatment plan. If you have reached the point where you’re tired of varicose veins ruining your quality of life and you want to be rid of them forever, we can help you accomplish that. Want to know how? Read this article.

Varicose vein removal really can improve your quality of life

If you are like many of the patients we see at our vein clinics, one of the things that would most improve your quality of life would be seeing your reflection in the mirror after vein treatment. Or what about being able to walk your kids to school? You can’t comfortably do that now because your swollen achy legs make it hard to do anything but complain “My legs hurt!” Well, the purpose of this article is to tell you that these things are possible.

Perhaps you’ve been postponing seeking varicose vein treatment for some time. You’ve tried to ignore your varicose veins by wearing long pants and dark stockings and limiting your activities because your legs will hurt. Chances are you’ve begun to realize that this doesn’t work. Left untreated, varicose veins don’t go away or get better on their own. They tend to get worse.

And “worse” tends to manifest in ways you never expected. If you’re like most people who’ve tried to ignore their swollen and discolored veins, you’ve begun to realize that they do affect your health.

How varicose veins affect both your physical and mental health

Have you noticed how tired and weak your legs feel? And that they feel that way, all the time? Have you noticed that you’ve become more inactive, and have started making excuses to avoid walking or dancing or playing sports? These are the physical side effects of having varicose veins.

There is also the cosmetic aspect of these swollen veins, and how that makes you feel mentally. Have you noticed that your first reaction when you look into the mirror every morning is to feel depressed about the way your varicose veins make you look? Having varicose veins has been identified as a major cause of low self-esteem. Being unable to comfortably wear shorts or bathing suits because you’re ashamed of how your legs look takes its toll over time. It can leave you with diminished self-confidence. Over time, this can sometimes escalate to feelings of isolation and depression.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate the cause of all this?

At CiC, we can make these symptoms go away, by eliminating the diseased veins that cause them. The minimally-invasive treatments we offer at our vein centers are performed on an outpatient basis. This means that the techniques are not surgeries.

Varicose vein removal at CiC vein centers involve no hospitals, no deep incisions, no general anesthesia (because none is needed). And if you have only a few varicose veins, the procedures may be completed in less than an hour.

Yes, it can take time before all signs of varicose veins disappear from the surface of your skin. But the relief from the side effects that these diseased veins have on your physical health can be life changing. Patients often report that their energy levels increase, and that the pain, discomfort, and tiredness they’ve been living with for months is now gone. Best of all, every time you look into your mirror you will see fewer and fewer traces of the old ugly veins. In a very short time you won’t see them at all – your legs will be restored to their youthful beauty.

Think about this, and if it appeals to you, give us a call at 888-377-7122

We understand that “We can change your life” sounds as if we’re talking about magic, but we’re not. We’re talking about the current state of modern varicose vein treatment.

So give the best vein doctors in Phoenix a call. We’ll be happy to explain our varicose vein treatment options to you and help you get started feeling better fast.

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