One of the things that “makes our day” at Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers is when the patients we treat take the time to provide feedback and tell us how glad they are that they chose us to treat their varicose veins. Each patient has his or her own personal reasons for feeling this way, but the fact that they feel so happy about their treatment and what it’s done for them is instructive, and worth sharing.

How will you be glad about your vein treatment?

The most common reason our patients say they’re glad about their decision to seek treatment from the best national vein treatment center is cosmetic. They came to us to get rid of their ugly, swollen, discolored veins, and that’s exactly what happened. Now that they no longer avoid playing sports and going to the beach, they speak of feeling “free” and “back to normal.”

Interestingly, the phrase “back to normal” also comes up when patients talk about other symptoms they now feel “free” from. The vein disease that caused their varicose veins didn’t just rob them of their beauty; it also robbed them of energy and vitality and the ability to fully enjoy their lives. Their poor circulation manifested as swollen and chronically tired legs and ankles, often accompanied by constant pain, which left them without the energy to do much but sit around feeling bad. Once their varicose veins were eliminated, so were these symptoms, so of course they’re glad. Many of them speak of feeling “years younger” because they regained energy levels they felt they’d lost forever.

Another reason to feel glad is that you’ll feel better about yourself

Varicose veins are a physical disease, but once they are gone, many of our patients report that they feel better on a psychological level as well. Varicose veins take a huge toll on your self-confidence every time you look in the mirror. Many people who experience this end up shunning loved ones and become reclusive or even depressed because they’re ashamed of the way they look. One of the things that makes patients glad about their treatment is that these feelings of shame go away. And if you think about it, just the fact that they overcame their procrastination and sought treatment for their varicose veins makes many patients glad. That’s an achievement, and one they should feel proud of.

So if you’d like to feel this way yourself, give our Arizona vein treatment specialists a call today. We’ll schedule a venous health screening and start helping you regain the beauty of your legs as soon as you call. You’ll be glad you did.

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