Foam Sclerotherapy/Chemical Ablation


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Foam Sclerotherapy/Chemical Ablation

Just like varicose veins come in different shapes and sizes, so do treatments. This approach is often used with other techniques for veins that twist and turn. A sclerosant, in this case a medicine in foam form, is injected into the vein to make it shrink. The foam travels through the vein to areas that other methods might not be able to reach.

How is it done?

The doctor uses ultrasound to locate and treat the vein in question. Once the vein is identified, it’s injected with the foam which starts a reaction that causes the vein to close. The body eventually absorbs the closed vein. Your body has plenty of veins and there is no cause for concern when unhealthy veins are eliminated.

What happens when the vein goes away?

The visible signs will diminish, along with the aching and pain. Once the vein is closed down, healthier veins take over and handle the flow to the area.

What can you expect from the treatment?

This treatment is done in our state-of-the-art office, and you are able to go home the same day. Most likely, you’ll need to wear compression stockings and keep your legs out of the sun for a short period of time. But most people quickly return to their normal lifestyles.

Check in with your doctor if you notice new varicose veins.

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