Ambulatory Phlebectomy


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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy is an out patient procedure that removes painful, bulging varicose veins through tiny incisions in the skin. Most often the incision are so small it does not require stitches in the skin. It is performed as an outpatient with local anesthesia so patients are able to walk (or ambulate, which is why its called an “ambulatory” phlebectomy) and quickly resume daily activities.

Why it’s done

Ambulatory phlebectomy is an effective treatment for bulging, painful varicose veins when performed as part of a personalized treatment plan to treat venous disease. Historically bulging varicose veins could only be treated with surgery or “vein stripping.” Now patients can be treated in our Phoenix vein clinic as an out-patient with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

What to expect

Preparation: If your Phoenix vein specialist recommends having an ambulatory phlebectomy as part of your treatment plan, he/she will provide with you special pre and post instructions to follow before your procedure.

During: Ambulatory Phlebectomy is performed using local anesthesia. Your provider will first mark the vein to be removed with an erasable skin marker and numb around the vein to be removed with local anesthetic. Once the area is numb a very small incision, often smaller than the end of a pencil lead will be made in the skin and the vein will be removed. Some patients experience a painless, odd pulling sensation when the vein is removed.

After: Following your phlebectomy you will be able to walk following the procedure. Depending on the size of vein removed, you may be instructed to limit heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for 24-48 hours. You will likely leave our Phoenix vein clinic with a bandage on your leg under your compression stockings but otherwise you may resume your activities of daily living.

Getting the best vein care

Ambulatory Phlebectomy for the treatment of bulging varicose veins is the latest minimally invasive, out-patient based available for the removal of varicose veins associated with venous disease. As a patient you will enjoy the shorter recovery time, long term relief of your symptoms and cosmetic benefit of removing unsightly, painful varicose veins.

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