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Case of the Day: ChemoEmbolization for Liver Tumors

ChemoEmbolization, also known as TACE (Trans-Arterial ChemoEmbolization) is an effective way to treat many types of liver tumors. By delivering chemotherapy drug-soaked microspheres into the tumors’ blood supply, we hit the tumors right where they live, but minimize the side effects elsewhere. The CiCC physicians are among the most experienced in the country at dealing…

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Case of the Day: Chest Port for Chemotherapy

Venous Access for Chemotherapy is often one of the first steps a patient will take on the road to cancer treatment. It can be a frightening experience to patients and their family members – but it doesn’t have to be. Combined Ultrasound and X-Ray guided placement of implantable ports is the safest and most reliable…

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CiCC is your Go-To for Image-guided Drainage.

Ultrasound and CT-guided drainage offers the safest means for diagnosis and therapy of abnormal fluid collections. At CiCC, we perform these procedures routinely. Our staff will request the necessary lab work to ensure that the procedure is performed according the highest standards of care. It is our pleasure to coordinate your Paracentesis, Thoracentesis, Cyst drainage,…

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